Paver Driveway and Patio Sealing

Nothing makes a house shine like a brand new penny then having a clean roof and a nicely sealed Paver Driveway.  At Code 3 Pressure Wash & Roof Cleaning, one of favorite jobs and specialties is sealing your paver driveway or pool patio,  Like any job, ensure your hiring a person with the proper training and experience when considering to seal your driveway, as an unqualified and inexperienced company can cause major damage to the paver stones. Our procedure is as follows:

  •  We chemically clean the surface to remove all dirt, fungus, and weeds from the paver stone
  •  We can apply new paver sand to fill the cracks, (this is optional)
  •  We apply two (2) coats of a quality oil based paver sealer to the paver stones.

The paver sealer serves several purposes. First it brings back the natural color to dull faded pavers, Secondly it provides a nice sheen and Lastly, it provides a form of a barrier to protect the pavers from cars with oil or transmission fluid leaks.

Call us for a free estimate at 954-325-9016 or fill out a request for service form on this site.  You can check out some of your before and after pictures of some of our paver sealing jobs at the “our work” section of this site.