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Tips for Cleaning your Wood Deck

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I always considered that a wood deck behind a home creates a very warm and inviting space for everyone desiring to spend some time out in the open. But also there is the truth that wood needs special attention in order to look at its best for a long time.

So, when building my first home I designed a big, round wood deck as an open terrace behind my house. Designing it was a blessed! Making it it was an effort well rewarded... but maintaining was an endless job for me: the wood lover!

Wood deck part of a family home

So, over the years I learned how to clean a wood deck without ruining it. You know that wood can be also be very sensible on different aspects of pressure washing issues. So not any cleaning is good for a wood deck, and here are some valuable tips that I learned on my own. This article should be thought of as no more than a starting point for your deck cleaning with a pressure washer research:

1. Choose the right pressure equipment
Picking the right equipment is essential since with the wrong one you can ruin the wood, and it’s future value. It might sound very expensive to buy your own equipment but for a long run it could be worth the effort.

If you have or rent a residential equipment any pressure PSI (pounds per square inch) would be OK. But of course, too much pressure will damage it.With the right nozzle and technique the rated PSI of the washer doesn’t matter. Using a pressure washer is totally intuitive. You’ll naturally move closer to the surface with the wand as you judge more pressure is needed.
Light-duty and medium-duty washer are the ones you’ll want to clean your deck. Their flow rate, GPM range (gallons per minute) is 1.5 GPM to 2.3 GPM.

2. Use cold water washing
When talking about hot or cold water, definitely cold water because hot water will expand the wood trapping any detergents or dirt. We all want max results with minimal time, effort and cash!

3. Use only advised chemicals for cleaning wood
The “All-in-One” Products are proprietary combinations of chemicals that work to clean a specific surface. Companies can easily market these as “deck cleaner” or “driveway cleaner” to use in combination with a pressure cleaner. They’re the best option for the DIYer. Professional will tend to use combinations of the above chemicals, but for most people these “All-in-One” products work great.
After you've sprayed off the cleaner, let the deck dry for 48 hours. Apply a stain or sealer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Periodicity
When talking about how often should we pressure clean a wood deck, again we all would like to have max results with minimal time, effort and cash so let’s say than about every two years would be OK to clean a residential wood deck that has no big traffic on it.

5. Use protection equipment
Always use eye protection. They’ll protect you from flying debris. Even sunglasses may work fine. AS for hearing protection, if you use a gas powered pressure washer use hearing protection. If you’ve used a lawn mower then you know how loud a small gasoline engine can be.

6. Read the manuals
Always read the User’s Manual of all the equipment you use. Tips and instruction for startup, use and shutdown will all be well laid out in the manual. Also, read the MSDS sheet of chemicals used. Be sure you know what not to mix it with and what you’re supposed to do if ingested.

All these may sound very complicated for some of us, busy people that want to rest in their homes and have no big time to DIY jobs no matter how much will want to. For them the professional services company Code 3 Pressure Washing is here to send a professional team to do the dirty jobs! Please do not hesitate to contact them for an estimate

According to Consumer Reports research, your deck is a top 3 value adding feature when it comes time to sell. And it’s correct as I can say, because my wood deck really helped us sell well our house! So investing in maintaining your wood deck is a MUST!



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