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Spring, the Perfect Time of the Year for a Pressure Washing Cleaning

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If you are a homeowner you know that it's that time of year when you have to plan to have your roof, sidewalk or driveway pressure washed. A good cleaning will do more than improve the look of your house, driveway, fencing, pool, deck or patio, it will also preserve your home's value by ridding it of harmful mold, algae or other contaminates.

But this is one of those jobs that should be done by professionals, because a power washing done improperly could lead to costly damage. And also, we would prefer not to be called to repair the damaged done by an amateur, but we will do it if necessary.

Your exterior cleaning need is an emergency for us!

A common issue we have to address in the spring is the algae accumulation on the roofs. Algae grows in areas where moisture collects, often on the north side of the house, and is usually indicated by black streaks. A roof cleaning done by an experienced pressure washing company can get rid of the algae and drastically improve its appearance. Done incorrectly, though, it could also cause serious damage and void the roof's warranty. Homeowners need to find a qualified and reputable company before having their roof cleaned.

Code 3 Pressure

We are running a special offer for roof cleaning this spring with free chemical treatment, which keeps the roof cleaner longer than just using plain water. Take a look at this month’s offers and choose the one that fits your needs. Then, call Code 3 Pressure Wash 954-325-9016 for appointments.

Flat Surface Cleaning March Special Offer

We professionally clean up to 750 sq ft. for only $59,00 including driveway, patio, pool deck, and sidewalks.

Roof Cleaning March Special Offer

We professionally clean roofs using free algeacide treatment up to 1500 sq ft. for only $119,00.

Flat Surface Pressure Washing March Special Offer

We professionally clean up to 2000 sq ft. for only $90,00 including driveway, patio, pool deck, and sidewalks.

Additional March Discounts

If you are part of a Homeowner Association or you have a commercial account you will benefit of additional discounts based on the size of the job or the quantity of requested jobs.

We work hard to raise our quality of work to the most professional standards in cleaning in order to maintain satisfied customers. Did we succeed? We let our results speak for us.



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