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Safe Chemicals When Pressure Washing the Wood

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There are a lot of conflicting information regarding usage of the chemicals when pressure washing the wood fences, sides or decks.
Cleaners come in all shapes, claims, colors. Whatever cleaner you do decide on, be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions carefully, and follow them to the letter. When using a pressure washer, remember that the job of the pressure washer is to remove the chemicals as well as the surface dirt. Allow the cleaner to do as much of the work as possible.

Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) - This will brighten your deck and kill mold and mildew, but will not do a great job cleaning deep. Out of all the chemicals you can use bleach gives the most instant results – your deck will look clean. You’ll need to rinse the wood with a slightly acidic solution of oxalic or citralic acid to avoid long term damage to the wood (because of the wood’s pH which is acidic and bleach that it is basic).

Caustic Cleaners (Sodium Hydroxide) - Caustic cleaners are the strongest cleaners used on wood decks and you would probably not even need a pressure cleaner to do more than just wash it all away. However, caustic cleaners are corrosive and will burn your skin if left untreated. Caustic soda solutions, commonly used in detergents and drain cleaners, will be your go-to chemical for removing the sealant from a previously sealed deck. You’ll need to neutralize after use to return the wood to its natural pH. Of course this is a job that needs to be done by a professional, so please do not hesitate to contact our service: call now 954-325-9016!

Detergents (eg: TriSodium Phosphate and water) - A detergents is a mixture of ingredients in water that work together to “loosen” dirt and grease from a surface allowing for it to be easily washed away. Detergents work best when combined with bleach because bleach is much better at killing the mold and mildew. There are many detergents on the market for everything from cleaning your clothes to cleaning your driveway and deck. Detergents are safe and affordable and a great option for residential use.

“All-in-One” Products - These are proprietary combinations of chemicals that work to clean a specific surface. Companies can easily market these as “deck cleaner” or “driveway cleaner” to use in combination with a pressure cleaner. They’re the best option for the DIYer. Professional will tend to use combinations of the above chemicals, but for most people these “All-in-One” products work great.

Wood deck before and after pressure washing

When purchasing your wood pressure cleaner always:

● Choose the product that is safe for people, pets and plants

● Try to find the ones that restore the original look to wood fences and decks

● Pick the superior performing cleaners that are ultimate biodegradable and environmentally safe

● Make sure that the multi-purpose cleaner mention WOOD in the list, or otherwise you may have a bad surprise!

In today’s market there are many cleaners that are especially made for wood usage, so go ahead and use those when pressure washing but pay special attention to the instructions. Better safe then sorry!
Restore the beauty underneath the exposed wood! Clean it correctly and if you want to be sure that the operation will be done as good as possible, contact a professional service for pressure washing. The Code 3 Pressure Washing will dedicate special attention not only to the surface that needs cleaning but to the greenery around your house too. Contact Code 3 Pressure Washing for an estimate and be safe!



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